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Let yourself be guided by a native local guide .....

 The selection of guided tours of Durres, designed by Joana, offers personalized visit experiences to be carried out both in the classic mode of small groups of max 8/10 people and in private tours ( guided tours for children)in  three languages  Albanian                 , English                  and Italian               .    With our Ancient Durres  Tour you can admire all the wonders of archaeological Durres from its most impressive and famous monuments, Amphitheatre, Byzantine  Forum, Roman Baths ,Venetian tower, Byzantine wall   to those less touristy and evocative sites such as the Anjou tower (or known better as Kulla e Barutit) 

Our guided tours of Durres will introduce you to the ansamble of the religious cults of the city where you can admire real architecture of Muslim, Orthodox, and Catholic prayerful edifice   such as Fatih Mosque, Great Mosque , Saint Paul and Saint Asti Church( orthodox church) and  Catholic Church Santa Lucia. 

You can also enjoy Museums Tour of Durres beginning  with the majestic Archaelogical museum , proceeding with Ethnographic museum and  ending with Masoleum of Martyrs . 


 Other daily tours on request (Tirana , Kruja ,Shkodra , Berat)

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