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Why choose me as your tour guide


The passion for one's city and one's territory is also because, on the other hand, the group or in any case even the individual feels this passion and is invariably involved in it. I have an innate ability to be a tour guide also from my previous job as a secondary school teacher and university teacher to educate and manage pupils and students, I love my job, I am patient, sociable, smiling, and curious and I keep up to date daily basis.


Making the time spent together enjoyable, interactive, and rich in content. And ensure that the participants, the tourists, return to their places of origin with acquired experience, with acquired baggage.


I have been practicing the profession since 2021, in fact, it is not a long period, but during these two years, I have developed excellent group management, even if my previous work has helped me.


4. PUNCTUALITY:  Ensure compliance with established times and deadlines.

5. VERSATILITY: I am always ready, and available to take care of and adapt to the needs of the group.

6. RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GROUP LEADERS: I establish perfect collaboration and synergy with the group leaders from the very first contact.

7. RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GROUP: I make the requests and wishes of each member of the group my own.

8. RELATIONSHIP WITH TA and TO: I am a serious and precise professional, a guaranteed 'business card for my city' and for the territory for which I am authorized for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.

9. BREAKS DURING THE TOURS: My tours include stops for souvenir photos, small purchases, typical sweet coffee breaks and the inevitable byrek and more.....

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