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Meet your guide : Anna 

My name is Joana ( Anna). I am an Albanian licensed tour guide in Durres and throughout the Albanian national territory with a deep knowledge of the cities or historical/archaeological and cultural sites belonging to this splendid territory of Albania (Shqipëria,  the land of  Eagles).

I am a cheerful, nice, down-to-earth, versatile, and sociable person. I love my jobs immensely, especially the second one because I have the right characteristics for storytelling (telling the story) and interpreting my natural and cultural heritage engagingly, with the aim of connecting visitors with the place, and that mediator who, through storytelling and interaction with the group helps to build meanings and make sense of what is seen and observed. I have the privilege of dealing with history, being a "bridge" that connects enthusiasts, tourists, and the curious with its history and secrets. I am a tour guide who updates daily with dedication, professionalism, and honesty and looks for new strategies to experiment with young and old.

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