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  I will take you where every single glimpse will make you take a leap into the history  where East and West find their exact meeting point.
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Joana invites you to discover the most known points and hidden corners of this multicultural and historic city where you will meet the fusion of different cultures, different religions and traditions that make Durres a unique tourist destination.

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The name Durrës comes from Dyrrah, the grandson of the Illyrian king Epidamn.

Dyrrah built the harbor and the town's first port, while his grandfather erected in the fortified town.

Former Durrës served as the capital of the Taulantians: qualified sailors and one of the biggest Illyrian kingdoms. The name has been transformed into Dyrrachion (roughly translated from Greek into "roaring waves.") Dyrrachium, Dirac, Durazzo, and in the current Albanian Durres.

It has seen the passage of armies and merchants, it has experienced historical battles, and it has been crossed by Roman legions, preachers, crusaders and Ottomans. La porte de départ Via Egnatia, built by the Romans in the 2nd century B.C., extension .of. the eastern Appian Way, from the towns of Durazzo and Apollonia to Byzantium.


Via Egnatia

It has sunk at least twice. Its seismic activity, fresh from the November 2019 earthquake, has terrorized the city since ancient times. The earthquake of 345 AD and that of 1273 caused irreparable damage to the city where many ancient buildings were lost and the population was reduced by 80%. Fishermen in the area have often witnessed their nets break when they come into contact with sunken buildings in the sea,72 miles southeast of the port, the area of ​​Currila.

Capital of Albania: March 7, 1914- February 11, 1920. After the decision of the Great Powers in 1914 for the installation of the Principality of Vid, Durrës, as the largest and most developed city in Albania, was designated as the capital. The royal palace was also called "Konaku" (today near the former Volga hotel). After the Congress of Lushnja, it was decided that Tirana would be the new capital of Albania since Durrës was under constant threat of invasion from the sea.


Did you know that........

The symbols of the city's coat of arms are 1) The Angevin lion of Topiaj, one of the most powerful Arbanon families.

2) Liburnian ship, famous for its  efficiency that was  commanded by the warrior queen Teuta

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